Recipes Every Southern Girl should KNOW. Part 1.

So I’ve been thinking about how to begin my blog. Which recipes to start off with. I have a lot of options as you can imagine, being that I’m a chef and totally obsessed with cooking. I got a lot to pull from. However, when making first impressions it is always good to fall back on your upbringing. So I’m going southern. Because that’s what I KNOW. Ya know, like in the depth of my soul kinda thing.  Also, southern food is good, always a crowd pleaser, but also easy to mess up. That’s where I come in! Here’s what I’m thinking: I will do a series of recipes based on a theme. Because I like themes. I love themed parties and I think the recipes will go nicely with each other. They will build on each other that way well all learn together and hopefully be able to throw a bad ass dinner party! My next series will be fundamentals because you need that, and I’m totally anal when it comes to knife skills. But let’s start off with some feel good food first shall we?

Southern Girl Recipes PART ONE: Appetizers.

Every southern girl should have these five recipes in her arsenal.

1. Deviled Eggs-These little babies are like blank canvases. You can kick them up with some heat, or crumble some bacon on them or shrimp or pickles or or or … the list is endless.

2. Pimento Cheese-the easiest dip in the world and cheap to make. We’ll jazz it up of course, and I’ll give away my secret. But seriously, super easy.

3. Biscuits-aka Big Booty Biscuits. They should be large enough to hold a slice of ham and make a sandwich and also fluffy enough to sop up gravy or anything else. They should be like a cloud. Light, buttery, and a pinch salty. Melt-in-your-mouth-I-don’t-care-if-it-makes-my-butt-huge-amazing. Hence the name Big Booty Biscuits.

4. Boiled Peanuts- aka goobers. I refuse to call them that here, but for the sake of reference…

5. Hush Puppies – which really means you need to know how to make corn bread too.

I will try to post each of these recipes in the next two weeks. That’s my goal anyways, because Y’all need to get cooking!


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